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  • Oak Furniture Hacks!

    As we had such a good reception for our previous Furniture Hacks post, we have decided to bring another, this time we bring together our two favourite things, Solid Oak and Furniture Hacks.

    First up we have the inspiring work that has been completed on these stairs, incorporating the use of storage within the staircase. Of course this would be a difficult task to take on, however the results would shadow over the work as you would be gaining so much storage. Also with this being Oak you can guarantee the quality will be long lasting and keep the classic look for a lengthy time.

    Next up we have a simplistic headboard design that anyone could complete with a bit of determination on time. A Solid Oak Headboard would work perfectly with any bed frame we have to offer here at Oak Furniture King, so why not having an attempt at making this out a bit of old Oak.

    Finally we have an alternate shelf that could easily be made with some old crates or pieces of wood. At home we're always looking for another place where we can put our belongings, and this would provide ideal storage, while having bringing a warm rustic look to the room.

    Those are another three of favourites, if you have any that you would love to share please tweet them over to us @loveoakking!


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