Mantelpiece Monday

With it being a Monday makes it Mantelpiece Monday!

This is where we look at cool new ideas for Solid Oak Mantelpieces that could transform your home, and make a tattered old mantelpiece a breath of fresh air, and perhaps a cornerstone in your own house.

First up we have the simple but effective Solid Oak Mantelpiece with a rustic warm look that would work well the a log burning or an electrical fire. This unique piece really does show that Solid Oak has something to offer in terms of mantelpieces, instead of perhaps a Marble look which doesn't really bring that cosy feel.

With a Mantel piece like that it must be combined with an elegant Coffee Table to contribute to the overall look, and this Cottage Oak table would really play off well with a Mantel piece like that. With Mantelpiece having a light finish combining with an Cottage oak style would only enhance the room.

Coffee Table from Oak Furniture King

Here we have a darker Solid Oak Mantelpiece which is also combined with a stove type fire which also has that warming quality that the previous one had. Another perk about having a Solid Oak mantel piece is that you have the opportunity to nail on signs, trinkets and well anything else that you desire. Also this can be ever changing, so you can constantly be creating new a different looks that set the room off.

With this being a darker wood, you would need something darker to match it up and make the look that bit bolder, luckily Oak Furniture King has the exact thing that would play off this perfectly. This French Chateau rustic Solid Oak Large bookcase has a real classy aura about it and embodies that vintage quality! As you can see from the image below it's tall nature gives it that grandiose vibe, which only some furniture can truely embody.

That wraps up this weeks post, if you have any mantelpiece ideas of your own please send them over to @LoveOakKing on twitter, as we would love to see and hear about your ideas!

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