Introducing the Rattan Range

With the Spring in full swing and Summer just right around the corner, your garden quickly becomes the place to be as you spend most of your time with friends and family there, really soaking up the sun and catching up with everything that has been going on.

However you cannot fully enjoy your garden until you have the right furniture in place, and that's where the classic Rattan look comes into play and offers a beautiful outside earthy look combined with indoor comfort. Of course you can go out and purchase the simple plastic furniture but it lacks in quality, style and comfort which Rattan offers in abundance. Also who wants to contest with the untrustworthy plastic furniture when it snaps, and potentially ruining an event.

So you may be wondering where to start with the classic Rattan look, well firstly you should consider the Giardino range which you can either get in a Light or Dark Brown coloured mix, which makes it contrast with green grass so well. Also with the smart cube look it's easy to keep tidy as they fit perfectly underneath the table, however it's advisable to take in your cushions, we wouldn't want them to get ruined!

Secondly we have the Savannah style which offers more of a classic look that is combined with a modern touch, and garners the ability to turn any garden into an elegant seating area. Also the set comes free with parasol just in case one of the days the sun is burning down too bright and ruining your ice cold drink. Even though the range is very pretty it still has that strength as the Rattan material is so strong and flexible at the same time.

Finally we have the biggest collection on this list, the Arizona Set complete with eight seats, a parasol and stylish glass top finish on the table all accumulating to the pristine look we all aspire to have. The rectangular shape of the table ensures enough space each person if you wanted to go alfresco, and would also be suitable to use for an outside buffet with the parasol protecting the food from the sun. The Arizona has bohemian qualities making it a very unique set of furniture that anyone could appreciate, and could be enjoyed by everyone.

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