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  • Product Of The Month


    Our product of the month is the stunning brown Montana leather dining chair. With fully sprung seats, deluxe padding and chunky solid oak legs, makes it not only a beautiful product but a comfortable, long-lasting feature to your dining set.

    The bonded leather chairs are superbly designed with a high back, scroll top and arched skirt that will add a touch of elegance to any dining room. With solid oak, quality leather and a simplistically beautiful design you really can't go wrong as you will benefit from the original price of £89.00 to £59.00!

    The piece is a classic that will complement your dining room and as you know, here at Oak Furniture King, we only use 100% solid oak ensuring quality and longevity to serve a lifetime.


    Not only are we offering a fantastic saving, but you can also take advantage of our free delivery, and if that isn’t enticing enough we also have a 14-day money back guarantee.


  • Cool Furniture Hacks

    Here's our list of cool furniture hacks we think you should consider trying. Even if you're not qualified in this area of work, we're sure you will pick it up quite easily. After all, if done correctly you can save yourself a lot of cash, and have a beautiful furniture piece that compliments your interior impresses your guests.

    #1 - Transform your old bed frame into a bench that can be used for both indoor & outdoor purposes. Whether you're low on that precious space that is needed for your interior, or you need to add more furniture to your garden, then you can create this beautiful furniture piece. With some screws, hand/machine saw, paint and some will-power you can accomplish this simple but useful piece.

    #2 - Do you have plenty of kitchen space that needs something to add that touch of style and practicality? well, look no further as you can create your own island with furniture you may already have. If you have old cabinets in your office/living room doing nothing then you can make yourself this stunning piece below. With very little DIY skills required you can assemble yourself a cool island piece to compliment your kitchen space. If you have 4 cabinets and a spare board piece knocking around in your garage, you can probably do this within the hour. If you don't have the essentials, then it is worth browsing second-hand websites and Facebook groups for furniture at affordable prices.

    #3 - Turn your table into a magnificent vintage clock table. Starting with a basic, bedside table and a round top, you can produce a stunning clock table that requires nothing but a little paint and a can-do attitude.

    #4 - Organizing your home isn't just about the meticulous placement of furniture, it is to benefit from a well-structured, functional layout. As you can see, customizing your home to accommodate how you live is an important concept. With the sliding shelves below, height restrictions are out the question which is why we think it makes for the perfect floor-to-ceiling shelving unit.

    A desire to make our homes the best they can be is never out of reach. There are so many creative ideas out there to make your home beautiful & practical, it's almost too difficult to not attempt making one.

    If you are interested starting your own D.I.Y furniture we have provided useful links below to help you get started.

    Useful Links


    Furniture models and interior design - Coming soon (BETA stage)


    The 3D model gallery page will be a collection of our products made within a trusted design software. You will be given instant access to taking your own virtual tour to better learn about our products and their details. You have the choice of downloading models directly to your PC/laptop or viewing them in 3D on our blog.

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